Resources Available to Resource Friends


Resource Friends serving at the request of the yearly meeting may be reimbursed for travel according to yearly meeting guidelines if the Quaker Life Council has approved travel reimbursement. When serving a constituency other than the yearly meeting, such as a monthly meeting, travel reimbursement may be offered by the meeting. In this case, arrangements should be made in advance and payment is made by the constituency.

In the event that fees for service are approved under the authority of the Quaker Life Council, a written agreement will be executed by the Resource Friend and the constituency in advance of the provision of services. When the yearly meeting is the constituency, the written agreement will be a standard PYM contract and the source of payment will be identified in advance. Agreed upon fees are paid directly from the constituency to the Resource Friend.

There is no other yearly meeting financial support for Resource Friends.

Fundraising: Everyone involved in Philadelphia Yearly meeting is asked to be part of our culture of giving. Friends involved as Resource Friends are asked to be cheerleaders and encourage others to make contributions generously as meetings and as individuals. However, actual fundraising solicitations need to be coordinated with the appropriate staff. No structure may fundraise on behalf of the yearly meeting or for any structure, substructure, program or particular cause in the yearly meeting without explicit permission from the Administrative Council.


Outbound Communication

Website: There may be a site on the PYM website for the Resource Friends which describes the resource and provides instructions for accessing the resource. This will be maintained by staff with input from the Quaker Life Council.

Print: Resource Friends are not given access to developing or publishing print material.

Communication Restrictions

Resource Friends do not have the authority to communicate outside the PYM channels. Communications about their work within PYM need to be approved by the constituency(s) the Resource Friend served and the Quaker Life Council. With that approval, they may use the relevant PYM communications channels in accordance with the current information in the Electronic Appendix and they must adhere to the PYM style guide.

All communications that are published in any way through PYM:

  • May be reviewed and edited by the PYM Communications staff. See the editing process in the Electronic Appendix online for more information.
  • Must conform to the PYM style guide for graphics and copy.

Logistics Support

Staff serves as the information and referral resource for the Resource Friend substructure. The following logistical supports are available to Resource Friends within defined parameters. Details and processes may be accessed through the website:

Program Support

Resource Friends are expected to be responsible for the needed programming and planning for an interaction with a constituency they are serving. In certain areas of expertise, staff may provide advice and input. Resource Friends and PYM staff can share responsibilities to a reasonable extent, but only when it is needed and agreed on in advance with approval from the staff person’s supervisor. This support is accessed through the Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life.

Governance Access

Resource Friends do not have access to the governance structure or leadership of the Yearly Meeting.

Quaker/PYM identity

Resource Friends can represent themselves in the context of their role as part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, but they are not permitted to state positions or opinions on behalf of the yearly meeting to external or internal people/institutions as being the yearly meeting’s position.