Participant Role Description


Resource Friends are experts in their fields are experienced and possess a level of knowledge or have a gift that can help with skill building, problem-solving, or moving toward a new understanding.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Respond to constituent information and referral requests to the best of their ability and time. Similarly: Decline a request to serve if they do not have sufficient time, internal resources, experience, or skill to respond to the inquiry.
  2. Submit a report at the end of each referral providing a description of the referral, the general response, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the process. In the event that a referral is a long-term process, the council may request periodic updates.
  3. Immediately share with Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life any occurrence that may have a significant effect on the constituency or the larger community.

The expectations for Resource Friends will vary across the different areas of expertise and depend upon the reasons for which the Resource Friend is being engaged. They may be involved in an ongoing relationship with a constituency or they may be relied on for short-term needs and simply engage in email or phone correspondence, or visit the constituency one or two times.