Scope: Authority, Responsibilities, and Accountability

Bridge Contacts do not have authority in the yearly meeting. They may be given authority within their own constituency, but that is independent of their role in the yearly meeting.

Bridge Contacts are responsible for engaging in the communications structure of the broad community in order to know what is happening in it. Similarly, they are responsible for knowing what is happening and moving within their own constituency. The essential step is noticing when there is movement or interest of an individual or the whole in their own constituency which may be relevant to the larger community, or vice versa, and connecting them.

Bridge Contacts are responsible for reporting to their constituency on a regular basis. For example, monthly meeting Bridge Contacts could be on the agenda of business meeting each month.

Bridge Contacts will inform the Database Coordinator in the PYM staff office of their role

Each constituency will attend to and evaluate whether their members are aware of and active in the larger community. Similarly, they need to notice if the larger community knows what is happening within the constituency. The constituency is responsible for working with the Bridge Contact to maintain the connection, and for replacing the Bridge Contact if necessary.