Resources Available to Bridge Contacts


There are no yearly meeting financial resources for Bridge Contacts.


Bridge Contacts are encouraged to engage in all the PYM communications including subscribing to and reading the electronic communications, reading the news on the website, following the conversations in PYM Connect and attending events where Friends from the larger community are invited.

Logistics Support

Staff may be available to respond to questions from Bridge Contacts who are wondering how to make connections, but traditional logistics and programmatic supports such as conference calls and meeting space are not available for Bridge Contacts.

Governance Access

Bridge Contacts do not have specified access to the governance of the yearly meeting, including presiding clerks, continuing sessions, annual sessions, or council meeting agendas. Bridge Contacts are strongly urged to attend continuing and annual sessions.

Quaker/PYM identity

Bridge Contacts are connectors, they are not representatives. They may not represent themselves as speaking for or on behalf of the yearly meeting.