Participant Role Description


Bridge Contacts help connect the activity and movement within our community network through awareness of their own constituency and connecting it to the yearly meeting.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Identify themselves to the PYM office as a Bridge Contact
  2. Subscribe to and briefly read all PYM electronic communications that anyone in their constituency might be interested in
  3. Encourage individual Friends in their constituency to subscribe to all PYM electronic communications that they might be interested in.
  4. Make connections between the constituency and activity in the larger community and between individual members of the constituency and the larger community
  5. Attend Annual and Continuing Sessions as frequently as possible; rally Friends from their own constituency to attend all Sessions.
  6. Ensure that the clerk of the constituency is aware of relevant activity in the larger community, particularly when there are items that the yearly meeting is expecting to be reviewed or otherwise acted on in business meeting.
  7. Ensure that several news stories from their constituency are shared in written and/or visual format with the yearly meeting annually.