Resources Available to Appointed Representatives


There are no financial resources budgeted for Appointed Representatives.


All communications published through PYM:

  • may be reviewed and edited by the PYM communications staff (see the editing process in the Electronic Appendix online for more information);
  • must conform to the PYM style guide for graphics and copy.

Friends appointed to the same organization may communicate internally through any self-organized means, such as Google documents, listserve, or other communication systems. An appropriate staff member and member of the sponsoring structure must be included on listserves. Committees are welcome and encouraged to ask communications staff to set up a Google group for their internal communications.

Appointed Representatives may not set up their own social media accounts or create independent websites. The sensitive or personal identification information may not be stored in the cloud without the approval of the communications staff. They are not given direct access to contact information of Friends in the yearly meeting. All direct communications to broad PYM audiences are managed through the PYM office and channels.

Logistics Support

The following logistical supports are available to Appointed Representatives within defined parameters:

The following logistical supports may be requested with prior approval from the Quaker Life Council, which needs to have come to an agreement with the appropriate staff person for the following logistical supports:

Details and processes for accessing the support may be found in the Electronic Appendix on the PYM website.

The following are logistics not available to support Appointed Representatives:

  • stuffing and addressing mailings
  • receiving and distributing money (for event registration fees for example)
  • development of simple online registration forms
  • printing and copying
  • flyer design
  • arrangement of and payment for childcare
  • setting up meetings
  • developing agendas
  • arranging communications among committee members
  • recording minutes or writing news or other documents

Program Support

Staff support for developing programs is not available to Appointed Representatives.

Governance Access

Appointed Representatives may be asked by the presiding clerk to present at annual sessions. Requests to present should be made to the clerk.

Quaker/PYM identity

Appointed Representatives obviously can represent Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to the organizations they are appointed to. They may not make statements to the public on behalf of the yearly meeting.