PYM’s bylaws name the treasurer as one of the officers of the yearly meeting. The position of treasurer is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, as amended, 15 Pa. C.S.A. §§ 5101-6162 (Nonprofit Law).

The treasurer is invited by Nominating Council to serve a three-year term, up to a maximum of two consecutive terms, and the appointment is approved by Annual Sessions or Continuing Sessions. Terms run through the fiscal year, September 30. The treasurer serves ex officio on the Administrative Council and the Quaker Life Council.


  1. Maintain a broad knowledge of PYM and a commitment to its purpose and mission.
  2. Work with the General Secretary and PYM’s Associate Secretary of Business and Finance to ensure that appropriate financial reports are available on a timely basis.
  3. Clerk the Administrative Council’s finance committee and ensure that it achieves its annual goals and objectives.
  4. Ensure that the finance committee’s annual agenda covers its oversight responsibilities for PYM’s budgets (restricted and unrestricted), audit, investments, development, insurance and the maintenance of internal controls.
  5. Manage, with the finance committee, the Administrative Council’s review of its financial responsibilities and related actions.
  6. Oversee the development of and monitor compliance with financial objectives and policies.
  7. Develop financial literacy among the members of the Administrative Council.
  8. Facilitate strategic thinking within the Administrative Council on PYM’s long and short-term financial health and vitality.
  9. Foster the wider yearly meeting’s engagement with PYM’s financial health. The treasurer has the right and duty to bring financial issues to the yearly meeting’s attention, as necessary.
  10. Attend all Administrative Council meetings.
  11. Attend Quaker Life Council meetings as needed.
  12. Report on PYM’s financial condition to Annual Sessions.
  13. Oversee the annual budget, approve it for distribution to the monthly meetings and present the final draft of the annual budget to Annual Sessions for approval.
  14. Review the final draft audit, attend the meeting of the audit committee where the annual audit is presented, ensure its posting on the website, and report on it to Continuing Sessions or Annual Sessions.


This is a leadership role requiring strong communications skills and the ability to work effectively with people. Clerking experience and experience as an active monthly meeting member are highly desirable.

The role requires business skills and a thorough understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations. Previous accounting and/or finance experience in a management capacity is an asset to this role, as is management experience in a business or nonprofit organization.