The Membership

The membership of the yearly meeting has the highest authority.

Authority and responsibilities

  1. Gathering Friends from all the meetings to worship together, that we might strengthen our spiritual foundation.
  2. Defining the purpose and priorities of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.
  3. Maintaining Faith and Practice.
  4. Appointing members of the Administrative Council, the Quaker Life Council, at-large members of the Nominating Council, representatives to outside groups, the PYM clerks, other officers, and the elders.
  5. Approving the annual operating budget.
  6. Approving the sale or purchase of real estate.
  7. Endorsing minutes for Friends traveling in the ministry.
  8. Appointing the General Secretary.
  9. Providing for widespread consultation and discussion on matters of major import to the yearly meeting or to the Religious Society of Friends.
  10. Reclaiming or reassigning any authority or responsibility assigned to the Administrative Council, the Quaker Life Council, or Nominating Council, or revising the governance structure of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

These responsibilities are carried out throughout the year and when the yearly meeting is in session at Annual Sessions and Continuing Sessions.