Recording Clerk(s)

Recording clerks are appointed to serve through annual sessions, though the term officially ends on June 30. Recording clerks are invited to serve a two year term, renewable for an additional two years. Four recording clerks will be appointed in order to share the workload of recording at all sessions of yearly meeting and give more Friends experience.


  • Records minutes for annual and continuing sessions;
  • Reads back final minutes for approval at the end of each session;
  • Ensures minutes are available by the end of the day for use by the body’s continuing discernment;
  • Ensures that minutes are available for distribution prior to the following gathering of the yearly meeting in session.


Recording clerks are required to have the following abilities:

  • good hearing;
  • can write concisely and under time pressure;
  • can discern the intention of the session so the minutes reflect the spirit and the unity of the meeting rather than documenting everything expressed;
  • are willing to interact with the body of the meeting in editing proposed minutes while the clerk seeks unity;
  • have facility with word processing.