Nine Elders serve as individuals, not as a members of a committee. However, they may meet occasionally to discuss ways of carrying out their duties more effectively. Elders are invited to serve for three years, and may be reconsidered for reappointment for up to two terms.


An elder carries a centeredness that helps individuals and assembled Friends to find and retain their grounding.


  • Prayerfully hold yearly meeting and its participants in the Light for preparation of issues to be discussed, and for the integration of continuing revelation into a present sense of alignment with the Spirit.
  • Assist the meeting to be mindful of what it has discerned and to be open to further leadings of the Spirit.
  • Listen deeply to individuals who need nurturing about Friends’ decision-making practices.
  • May meet together as needed to improve their practices, and submit to the counsel and advices of yearly meeting in both continuing and annual sessions.