Alternate Clerk

Two alternate clerks are appointed to serve through annual sessions, though the term ends on June 30. The alternate clerks are invited to serve a two-year term, renewable for an additional two years. The alternate clerks assist the clerk as needed to spread the workload, and give persons experience in a leadership role.


The alternate clerk(s) should have qualifications similar to those of the presiding clerk, and be prepared to substitute for the clerk when called upon to do so.


  • Attends all sessions of annual and continuing sessions, sitting at the clerk’s table, and presiding occasionally;
  • Substitutes for clerk as necessary;
  • Attends meetings called by the clerk, attends council meetings when asked by the clerk and other committees as may be suitable;
  • Receives minutes of meetings from annual and continuing sessions and the councils;
  • At the clerk’s initiative, works out an appropriate sharing of responsibilities after appointment. These might include meeting up to twice a year with the clerks of the quarterly meetings.