Maintaining Database Information

The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting database is the system through which the Yearly Meeting maintains member activity and contact information, including service on Yearly Meeting Councils and substructures.

It is the responsibility of the structure to update PYM’s Database and Gifts Coordinator as to group membership, roles, and contact information. This may be done by emailing individual updates as soon as they occur. When a Council or substructure makes, renews, or releases appointments to groups under their care, they should send the above information to the PYM Database and Gifts Coordinator.

  • Full name of the structure
  • Full names, role in the group (if any), and term of role and group participation (if any). Also, include the correct email and street address to ensure PYM communications reach the Friend.
  • Where service is by appointment, the date of initial appointment, and the end date of the current panel year assignment.

When appropriate, the database and gifts coordinator will confirm updates with the clerk of the Nominating Council.

By continually updating the database, structures are enabling their receipt of important information and documents relevant to their work, as well as contributing to the further functionality of the whole Yearly Meeting.