Speaker Phone Reservations

When most of a Council or approved substructure is meeting in person at Friends Center and members need to call in to participate, there is a high-quality speakerphone device called Polycom available for use. There is also a regular speakerphone in the PYM conference room.

To request a reservation of the Polycom phone at Friends Center, please check availability with PYM administrative office staff by emailing OfficeAssistant@pym.org or by including it in your original room reservation “special setup requests.” If the Polycom is needed, and multiple members need to call into the meeting, please arrange for a conference call reservation prior to using the device. To do so, follow the directions in the Conference Calls section.

To use the Polycom phone:

• Plug the Polycom phone into an IP phone jack. (In Friends Center there are multiple phone jacks – one for IP phones and one for analog phones. The Polycom phone is an IP phone. You will know you’ve plugged it into the correct phone jack when the screen lights up and the three red lights come on).
• Wait about 5 minutes (it takes a while to load). When different options appear on the screen, it is ready to use.
• Dial 9 to get out of the Friends Center network, and then dial the number you wish to call (the conference call number, if multiple members are participating from afar) and press the large button on the left with a phone pictured on it.

Which groups can arrange phone conferencing?
Available to: Councils, Collaboratives, Resource Friends, Sprints, Committees, and Appointed Representatives
Not Available to: Bridge Contacts