Printing and Copying

Many PYM groups have moved to using electronic documents  to reduce the use of paper.

When this isn’t possible and a PYM group needs supporting documents for meetings, there are options for printing and copying.

Print in PYM Office

PYM Councils and approved substructures are welcome to come to the PYM office and use the guest computer to print meeting materials or use the copy machines to copy, collate, staple, and/or hole-punch meeting materials as desired. Whenever possible, please call ahead to ensure PYM staff are in the office and available to provide entry to our secured office suite area.

All materials printed in the PYM office will need to be “coded” to the appropriate Council or approved substructure. Office staff can help you identify your code and walk you through this process.

Request PYM Staff support

PYM staff can copy and print documents for the Councils and approved substructures (listed below). Contact the PYM administrative office staff and provide electronic or hard copies with clear instructions on a number of copies, collating, stapling and/or hole-punching needs. Please allow at least one week’s notice for printing requests. Occasionally some requests will require more time for completion. The more time you allow for the turn-around, the more likely the staff will be able to meet your request.

Copies and printing are charged at the following rates:
• Black and White: $0.10 per page (each side of plain, white, letter-sized paper)
• Color: $0.15 per page (each side of plain, white, letter-sized paper)

Printing reimbursement

PYM Councils and approved sub-structures alternatively may need to have materials printed at copy shops such as Staples and Kinko’s. Use the Check Request process to be reimbursed from your Council’s budget. You will need to include the receipt.

Which groups can use printing and copying resources?

  • Available to: Councils
  • Council must give prior approval to: Collaboratives, Sprints, Committees
  • Not available to: Resource Friends, Bridge Contacts, Appointed Representatives.