Posting to the Website

Click on a topic to learn what information to provide for updates to webpages, posting news and posting calendar events, and send that information to the Director of Communications.

For Webpage Updates

Send the url (web address) for the page to be updated with the exact text to be posted or removed. Please note that staff will not add or remove information without prompting and it is the responsibility of the Councils and sub-structures to keep their pages current. See Writing for the Web for best practices in writing web content.

For News

Visit the Share A Story page to submit only a news item. Send the complete, edited and proofread story with an indication of the Council or sub-structure or program for which the news story is relevant. All news stories are reviewed by communications staff. Not all stories are posted on the front page and some stories may be found to be in of need editing or may be considered not a right fit for the PYM website.”

For Calendar events

Click here to Submit an Event for the Calendar only.