Arranging Childcare

Childcare at council or substructure meetings and events is more than a F/friendly gesture – it supports accessibility and diversity within our community, making participation in meetings and events possible for Friends who are parents of young children.

Often when there is more than one member with children attending a meeting, the children look forward to the meetings and their own Quaker community, which in turn encourages parents to further participate in the group. To promote these opportunities, PYM staff can arrange childcare for council or substructure meetings. PYM uses childcare providers with whom we have a relationship and for whom we have completed background checks and necessary paperwork so that they are covered by our insurance and are in our payroll system.

Types of childcare we provide
1. Guaranteed childcare for PYM-sponsored events and meetings (for example, Continuing and Called Sessions, Youth Programs, Council Meetings, Committee Meetings). Transportation for the childcare associate can usually be arranged.

2. Childcare for any event not included in the above and being held at a monthly meeting (ex. Extended Meeting for Worship and Thread Gatherings) is arranged through the monthly meeting. We use the meeting’s childcare people and reimburse the meeting for the cost of hiring these people, should they request it. This type of childcare is guaranteed in most cases, where the meeting is able to accommodate us.

3. Childcare for any event not included in #1 and not being held at a monthly meeting, (for example, at a council’s training). This childcare is not guaranteed and is dependent on the availability of a childcare associate and whether there is money in the budget to pay them.

If you have any questions about the type of childcare you require, contact Zachary Dutton at

Which groups can request arrangement of and payment for childcare?
Available to: Councils
Council must give prior approval to: Collaboratives, Sprints, Committees
Not available to: Resource Friends, Bridge Contacts

Please click on each of the steps below to review procedures for arranging, confirming, and cancelling childcare:

Make a request to staff

Contact the Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life by email and provide the following information:

• Location of meeting
• Date, time, and expected duration of meeting
• How many children of what ages you expect.

Please allow at least two weeks’ notice for the staff to organize the childcare – the more notice you provide, the more likely it will be that staff will be able to accommodate you.

Confirm space

Please make sure that appropriate space for childcare at your meeting site has been identified and arrangements to use it have been made. If the group is meeting at Arch Street Meeting House, please reserve the child care room.

Report provider hours

By 9:30 am on the Monday after the meeting or event, please confirm the actual hours worked with the Associate Secretary for Program and Religious LifePlease include whether the childcare provider worked longer or shorter hours than planned. This enables the provider to be paid accurately and on time.


In the event that childcare needs to be cancelled, please inform the Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life immediately. This will help the committee avoid paying the cancellation fee to the provider. Cancellation fees are incurred if notice was not given three days in advance of the meeting or event, or five days if care was scheduled to be for longer than four hours.