Carrying a Minute of Concern to the PYM Community

Carrying a Minute of Concern to the PYM Community

(As adopted by Quaker Life and Administrative Councils on November 18, 2017)


This document describes the Quaker practice of raising a minute of concern to the larger Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) community.  Please refer to PYM’s Faith and Practice for the process of discerning and bringing minutes of religious service, introduction and concern first to monthly and quarterly meetings. Go to, and then click to the right on, “Faith Reflected in Our Organization,” then on, “Communication, Intervisitation…” and then on, “Intervisitation.” Also see, “Guidelines and Procedures,” and then, beneath this, click on, “Preparing Minutes.”

Carrying a Minute of Concern to the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Community (PYM)

  1. A minute of concern comes to the yearly meeting community through a quarterly meeting, after thoughtful seasoning.
  2. The quarterly meeting clerk brings the minute of concern to the yearly meeting community after the concern has followed the processes set forth in Faith and Practice (2017).
  3. The quarterly meeting clerk carries the concern to the presiding clerk of PYM.
  4. The presiding clerk will promptly take the minute to the PYM administrative leadership—council clerks, General Secretary, and Treasurer.
  5. The administrative leadership will direct the minute to Quaker Life Council, Administrative Council, or both and will report back to the referring quarterly meeting clerk.
  6. The council(s) responsible for the minute will season the minute of concern and discern how the minute will be acted upon.
  7. Transparency and timely feedback about the discernment process are important; therefore, following initial discernment, a report of council decisions and actions shall be shared with/sent to the clerks of monthly and quarterly meetings including the content of the minute received and actions proposed at the yearly meeting level.
  8. Friends then carry forward ministry of the concern with the guidance, support, and accountability of the monthly meeting, quarterly meeting, and Philadelphia Yearly Meeting together.
  9. A timeframe should be established for reporting about the work in ministry, and continued discernment should happen regarding whether the calling for this work continues.