Work & Witness Directory

When we combine the energies of different Friends and meetings our work and witness grows and can be truly powerful. Two vehicles for coalescing that energy are Collaboratives and Sprints supported by and in the care of the yearly meeting. Friends are organizing using these vehicles!

This page is the place to check the latest groups, to stay informed about the groups as they form, and as more information becomes available, you will soon be able to visit the websites for these groups.


Collaboratives make us a dynamic, “community organized” yearly meeting, by providing a vessel to hold Friends with similar ideas and leadings, and help launch projects and activities which grow out of those shared callings.

FWCC and Other World Relations Collaborative

Holding the long-term relationship between the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Friends World Committee for Consultation. (Re)appointing a representative from PYM to FWCC/Sections of the Americas.  Meeting bi-monthly to make sure that both PYM is represented to FWCC, and that FWCC is represented by PYM. The contact for this Collaborative is Toby Riley and can be reached at

India Friends Collaborative

Partnering with Gandhian Quakers in India to support landless and tribal peoples in great need, supporting, in particular, the village of Bhimkothi in cooperation with Unami Meeting. Supporting and visiting with Quakers in India, primarily in Madya Pradesh. Helping to preserve the historic Rasulia Friends Center. Contact Henry Beck,, (610) 718-8754

Decarceration Collaborative

Connecting Meetings and individual Friends with communities and organizations who are most affected by the prison industrial complex, engaging Quakers in the work of learning about and fighting against mass incarceration. This group formed to be in relationship with community organizations and give Quakers the opportunity to connect with them around issues of mass incarceration. Currently, the group is not actively meeting as many of the Friends involved have focused their energy on existing work in their communities. However, there are opportunities to connect with other Friends and meetings for those interested. Friends interested in supporting this work may contact the PYM Community Engagement Coordinator,, 215 241-7238.


Sprints allow our community to respond to leadings at the moment. They provide agility in addressing a specific need as soon as it arises and helps to get the job done quickly. They last no longer than 1-6 months; the shorter the better.

Atlantic Coast Quaker Activists

This group of Friends began organizing after yearly meeting-wide conference calls in response to social justice concerns, to galvanize Friends on how to be best prepared and able to take a Quaker informed and action-oriented stance toward contemporary social events. The group will seek opportunities to educate, organize and help Friends feel unified and competent in today’s stressful environment, to be best prepared to bear witness and respond peacefully and productively as activists and as a Christian based Faith Community as we have done throughout the last 350 years. This group will work to harness the energy and activities are occurring in small local meetings and seek opportunities for coalescence and training for their energy and calling.

Open to all Friends in PYM meetings and invitations are extended to members and representatives of New York, Baltimore and New England Yearly Meetings in an effort to connect us as a larger Quaker body and Faith. Contact: Ken Brick, Wilmington Monthly Meeting

Join or Propose a Group

Collaboratives and Sprints are just two of the vehicles for activity within our yearly meeting community! Other ways to engage include Resource Friends and Committees. To propose an idea, visit the Quaker Life Council page on the PYM website.