Take Action

The Community Engagement Team is compiling resources to help individuals & faith communities actively and effectively engage to counter state-sanctioned violence, individual bigotry, and oppression against people of color, immigrants, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ friends, Jews, Muslims, folks with disabilities, and all of us who are and will continue to be hurt. This oppression has existed for centuries and has recently been emboldened. History has taught us that the movement for justice is strongest when we center the leadership and voices of those who are most impacted by oppression and who are and have been engaged in this struggle.

By centering the voices of those most impacted within our meetings and communities, strengthening our commitments to local organizations led by impacted peoples, and allowing ourselves to be led, we can mobilize together for the long haul, faithful that we will find a way to peace and justice. This is a crowd-sourced work in progress, and we ask you to share with one another by sending us information about your work and witness so that we may continue to update these resources.

What can we do?

Join the Movement

Philly We Rise provides updates on training, actions, and volunteer opportunities in the Philadelphia region.

New Sanctuary Movement works to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status, express radical welcome for all, and ensure that values of dignity, justice, and hospitality are lived out in practice and upheld in policy. You can engage as an individual or as a faith community.

Quaker Social Change Ministry provides a simple but transformative approach to doing social change work, bringing together small groups of Friends to focus on an issue that connects the congregation, the local community, and AFSC.

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) works to organize white people in multiracial movements for racial justice. Find chapters in PA, NJ and MD.

The Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration- Decarcerate PA works to end Death by Incarceration, also known as life without parole.

EMIR- Every Murder is Real works directly with families and community members who have been affected by homicide and violence to treat the trauma and promote healing through education and emotional support.

Center for Returning Citizens assists returning citizens in the transition from incarceration to society by providing job training, housing assistance, counseling services, legal aid, and referrals. Helps individuals, families and communities with the adverse impacts of incarceration.

Put People First unites regular people from all across Pennsylvania to organize for basic human rights.

Earth Quaker Action Team is a grassroots, nonviolent action group including Quakers and people of diverse beliefs, fighting for a just and sustainable economy.

V2A Resource List is a Google Doc that contains a list of Philadelphia-based community organizations lead by people of color who are leading the fight for collective justice.

Invest Your Money/Move Your Money

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) -Invest in Black -led Racial Justice Organizations

Philly Invest/Divest A resource for ways to stop monetary support of entities that oppress communities of color, and ways to instead, support people of color owned and lead businesses/entities/communities.

Divest to Support Water Protectors #DeFundDAPL is a movement to targets banks who are founding the Dakota Access Pipeline project in attempt to get them to withdraw their support for the pipeline. This resource gives you a list of banks that support the project, and tells you how you can push banks to withdraw support.

Resource Generation Organizes young people with wealth and class privilege in the US to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.



Legislative Policy Collaborative is PYM’s face at Friends Committee on National Legislation and your resource to learn more about lobbying and the work for peace, justice , and an earth restored in government.

Doc of Docs is a mass-shared Google Doc that is intended to be a one-stop-shop on many different actions one can take from calling senators to fundraising to hashtagging.

Public Education Concerns Collaborative harnesses the professed Quaker concern for public education to effect change in public schools, to build a legislative lobby that advocates for full funding of public schools, and to promote legislation that has a positive impact on our schools.

Jewish Voices for Peace organizes around islamaphobia, anti-semitism, and the occupation. They have recently offered trainings around how to do lobbying in the age of the Trump presidency are offering this document for numerous action steps.

Get Trained

Find a training organization that will help you process what’s keeping you from moving you into action, getting resources  and skills to move folks into action.

  • New Sanctuary Movement. Provides various trainings around immigrant justice. Check out the “Education” link at the top of their page to see what they have coming up.   New Sanctuary Movement
  • Crossroads Anti-racism  provides trainings on systemic racism geared towards transforming institutions. Visit the link to their training page to see what they offer. Training
  • Earth Quaker Action Team‘s mission statement is as follows: “Earth Quaker Action Team is a grassroots, nonviolent action group including Quakers and people of diverse beliefs, who join with millions of people around the world fighting for a just and sustainable economy”. Visit their Get Involved page
  • Dismantling Racism gives you a place to start doing the work of dismantling racism within your organization.
  • Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (Aorta) works with other organizations to align their vision and values toward social justice and provides workshops on everything from solidarity economics to disability justice.
  • Catalyst Project organizes white people toward multiracial political movements for collective liberation.  
  • Training for Change provides trainings for whites confronting racism, Social action trainers, organizing skills institutes, and much more
  • Undoing Racism Group provides resources and support to address racism in the RSoF and beyond.
  • We were made for this moment is a training being lead by Eileen Flanagan of EQAT around social change theory, personal empowerment, and spiritual discernment.

Share Resources!

This list is only a beginning! We’ve created a form so that Friends may share information about local organizations and your work and witness. Please share what you know so we may add to the resources. Thank You!