Bridge Contacts

Bridge-Contacts-300x300Bridge Contacts help PYM Friends connect with the movement of Spirit across our extended community. They keep up-to-date with the news, events, leadings, and activities in our yearly meeting network, and connect their constituencies to it. Bridge Contacts proactively identify opportunities for collaboration and make introductions. This work of paying attention to “how Spirit is moving among us” is critical to our healthy functioning as a connected yearly meeting, and so every constituency in the yearly meeting is encouraged to appoint a Bridge Contact.

Who Appoints Bridge Contacts?

Examples of possible constituencies with Bridge Contacts include monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, worship groups, Committees, Collaboratives, and Young Adult Friends.

Every constituency appoints a Bridge Contact in their own manner.

How to Become a Bridge Contact

Friends wishing to serve as a Bridge Contact should speak with their own constituency.

Of course, every Friend is welcome and encouraged, to view all yearly meeting communications, and notice where connections between individuals, constituencies, and our work might be made.