Get Involved

The hearts and minds of thousands of Friends, guided by Spirit, to carry the work and witness of our yearly meeting. We believe that spirit moves us to various actions out of the belief in that of God in everyone. Your participation is valued and needed! There are many opportunities to use your skills and follow your leadings. The Community Engagement Team Staff are here to support you and to provide you with the resources you need to do the work you want to do.

Take Action

The Community Engagement Team has put together a list of resources for anyone looking to get involved in the struggle for social justice. See how you can take action, and find ways that you can follow the leadership of some of the most oppressed people for the struggle of collective liberation.


Form a Group

The Quaker Life Council has developed an application that Friends can use if they have work, witness or activity they’d like to come under the care of the yearly meeting. The Council will guide Friends through the application process to find a place for them in the new structure that best fits their leadings. We are excited to find more ways to connect people to this work.