The fullness of spiritual community at Multigenerational Spring Continuing Sessions

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An Open Invitation

I will attend Spring Continuing Sessions on March 25 with the intent to participate in the multigenerational programs actively, mightily, and joyously with hope and enthusiasm.  I encourage you to attend and participate too. These multigenerational programs provide our spiritual community with an opportunity to join in shared activities.  In these challenging times these activities open our minds and nurture our souls.   Through these programs we see the best of ourselves, and–they’re fun!

When our youngest Friends join in our business work, their initial shyness gives way to bright smiles as they describe their activities.  As Young Friends share stories of their efforts to redress social injustice, they express both an unmistakable adolescent seriousness and an infectious joy and enthusiasm.   Often Young Adult Friends provide opinions, observations, and courses of action which take the corporate body in new directions, forcing us to see opportunities and understand ourselves in new ways.  I am comforted knowing that these Friends of all ages will lead our spiritual community into the future.  I am also indebted and grateful for our older Friends, role models whose vocal ministry illuminates our best, Friendliest path.  These Friends embody our heritage. They are our Living Past.  Our spiritual community rests firmly on the foundation of their loving kindness.

If we liken the Yearly Meeting to a mature tree, our young Friends of all ages are the branches and leaves which require kind, loving attention in order to catch the Light.  Even without our attention, they seek the Light naturally.  Our older Friends are the deep roots that support and nurture the tree.  All of us have a role in this shared, organic process.  All of us contribute to the growth of the Yearly Meeting.

Come to Spring Continuing Sessions and participate mightily:  Dig deep roots.  Nurture tender branches toward the Light.  Learn novel ideas.  Find new expAnnual Sessions 2015 (EPS) (2)ressions of Love, Hope, and Peace–and have fun while doing it.

In Hope of Peace,

Christopher A. Lucca
Yardley Friends Meeting