Friends Committee on Scouting Announces Two New Awards for Quaker Scouts and Meetings


The PYM News section is open to all Friends as a place to share events, opportunities, and information with the wider yearly meeting community. The story below is being shared by Friends with an interest in the Friends Committee on Scouting. More information about this group can be found here.
Information about PYM Youth opportunities can be found under “Programs” on the website. 

The Friends Committee on Scouting serves to encourage and promote the faith, history, and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends through religious education programs for Quaker Scouts and Camp Fire, as well as those organizations in Canada, the UK, and other countries.

There are several award program curricula that have been developed with the intent to assist the Scouts in growing stronger in their faith. These include:
· That of God Award, which is for Young Friends in the second to fifth grades. Although intended for this age group, first graders may also attempt the award if appropriate.
· Spirit of Truth Award, which is for Young Friends in the sixth to twelfth grades and Venturing youth.

While these programs are designed for members of Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts USA, Camp Fire USA and similar programs while being members or attenders of a Monthly Meeting or Friends Church, Friends Meetings are also welcome to use this material with their Junior Members/Attendees in their First Day School programs. Membership and attendance include active participation in the life of the Meeting or Church, regular attendance for worship and, if applicable, business meetings, as well as First Day or Sunday School or religious education at a Quaker school.

The Friends Emblem for adults is designed to recognize outstanding contributions to the spiritual and social development of Young Friends through Scouting/Guiding and active involvement in the life of the Religious Society of Friends.

The awards incorporate the Quaker Star, with a scriptural quotation central to Quaker belief: “A light that shines in the dark”. The red and black Quaker star dates to the work of British Friends during the Franco-Prussian War of 1872. Since that time, it has been associated with Quaker relief service worldwide. The quotation comes from the first chapter of the Gospel of John, fifth verse. It refers to the light of God that shines in all humanity.

The full curricula for both youth programs, applications, the adult nomination information, and contact information can be found on the Friends Committee on Scouting website at We hope that you will share this information with your Monthly Meeting and with Scouts who attend or who attend a Quaker school. Please contact the clerk through our website if you have any questions.