Public Education Concerns

Friends have a responsibility, as do all citizens, to be informed, concerned, and active contributors to the public educational system and hence to the quality of life in our communities. Whether as parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, consultants, or taxpayers, Friends can make an important witness.

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice

Public education in Philadelphia is at a serious crossroads, and Philadelphia area Quaker Educators believe that the provision of high-quality universal public education is fundamental and critical to sustaining a functional democracy.

What We Do

Public Education Concerns has a history of offering day-long events for public educators and particularly Quaker public educators to provide support, community, and resources.

Who We Are

This working group includes Friends from public and Quaker school backgrounds who have a passion and concern for thriving public schools.

Get Involved

To participate in this work, use the contact information on the sidebar to find out when the group is meeting.  Plans for future events will be posted on this page as they develop.