Friends & Education

Since its beginnings, Friends have emphasized the importance of education both for its members and for society generally. Friends have held that all persons are potential channels for the Inner Light and that all can benefit from education. Such benefit is more likely if education is spiritual in its nature and objectives if it draws people ever nearer to a concern for others and strengthens their commitment to live in accordance with spiritual principles.

Quaker College Fair

Saturday, September 29, 11:45 am – 3 pm 
at the Friends Center 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119

The Quaker College Fair gives all students an opportunity to become familiar with the benefits of higher education in a Quaker context. It also helps families understand the college process, learn about financial aid options, and get a sense of what the college search can be like from the perspective of students who have experienced it. Register Now!

Educational Resources

The following organizations have a rich offering of information and resources related to Friends Education within and beyond the Yearly Meeting.

Tuition Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for children of Friends in a PYM Friends School.


Philadelphia Yearly Meeting publishes curricula on many topics. These curriculum resources were originally written and published by the Religious Education Concerns Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Each curriculum packet includes everything necessary for you to plan and organize one or more religious education classes (aka “First Day School Programs”) on each topic. Each packet includes information about lesson content and planning, student age range, activities, supplies, and resources.