Friends and Education

Since its beginnings, Friends have emphasized the importance of education both for its members and for society generally.

Friends have held that all persons are potential channels for the Inner Light and that all can benefit from education. Such benefit is more likely if education is spiritual in its nature and objectives, if it draws people ever nearer to a concern for others and strengthens their commitment to live in accordance with spiritual principles.

Covenant on Education

The yearly meeting affirmed our commitment to strengthening both Friends schools and public education in 1999 in our Covenant on Education.


There are 40 Friends nursery, elementary and high schools within Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.


There are Quaker colleges and universities around the country.

Public Education Concerns

This group supports Quaker children and teachers in public education and our public schools.

Quaker College

The Fair is an annual event in the Spring which introduces students to Quaker colleges.