FFAD’s Minute on State Sanctioned Violence endorsed by Germantown Meeting

Addressing Racism

Germantown Meeting at its Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on November 13th endorsed the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent’s (FFAD) Minute on State Sanctioned Violence. The minute, approved at FFAD’s National Gathering this summer at Arch Street Meetinghouse, calls for a variety of ways to lessen violence and strengthen communities, including a local Peace Force of police and community members; shared community and police training in de-escalation techniques and racism awareness; Peace Centers in communities of color where worship, AVP-related training and important community dialogue can take place, and the disarming of portions of the police force in order to ensure the peaceful resolution of non-violent problems in the community. Members of FFAD had led worship sharing about the Minute in a previous Germantown Meeting Adult Class as a way to introduce the Minute and give Friends time for discernment. FFAD hopes that meetings throughout PYM will consider endorsing the Minute.

Friends may contact FFAD’s Clerk Ayesha Imani at a.imani@sfacs.us to organize a time for worship sharing.