FCNL’s Work Highlighted in “The Hill”

Legislative Policy Collaborative

Daine Randall, Executive Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation was recently profiled in The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress. Cited in particular is the work done in support of the “Iran Agreement” where PYM Friends lobbied effectively in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

From the article:

Randall, 60, is an optimist, and her faith in humanity is nearly universal. She cites increasing studies around the world, particularly at universities and nongovernment organizations, on nonviolent conflict resolution.

“We’re beginning to see a different way that human beings can live together in the world,” she said. “And despite all the problems we have and all the violence we see in many places, and the willingness to disregard science or to be self-centered, I feel like we’re evolving.”

Connecting to this work, friends in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting have recently formed a Legislative Policy Collaborative with the following mission:

Visiting PYM monthly meetings to support their witness and collaborate on effective national policy goals. Encouraging monthly meetings to participate in the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Priorities Process. Supporting monthly meeting FCNL contacts, and communication between meetings and the FCNL Representatives.

Read the entire article about FCNL here.