FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend: Funding Available for YAF’s

Addressing Racism, Grants, Legislative Policy Collaborative, Quaker Life Council, Young Adult Friends

sixteen_nine_mediumThe FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend will be held on March 18-21, 2017 in Washington DC. FCNL stands for Friends Committee on National Legislation. At this year’s Spring Lobby Weekend, attendees will be trained on how to push our congress to enact laws that work to eliminate economic injustice. Then we’ll actually go lobby our representatives to take action! Our Quaker Life Council, in partnership with our Travel and Witness Granting Group and our Legislative Policy Collaborative, has made funds available to support up to 15 young adult Friends to attend the lobby weekend on behalf of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. All expenses will be covered, with the exception of meals not provided by FCNL. Find out more about the logistics of the weekend here.

Young adult Friends receiving the funds will be asked to give back by attending an event to talk about their experience with other Friends and by writing about their experience for PYM communications channels.

All applications will be reviewed on February 1, and funding will be allotted as available thereafter.