Exciting Workshops at Annual Sessions July 26-28

Annual Sessions

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is hosting 30+ engaging workshops (on Faith, poverty, the Middle East, music and peace, art, medicine, education, gardening, government, inclusion, poetry, art, Quaker practice, Resource Friends, Collaboratives, Indigenous peoples, Aging, History and more) at Annual Sessions 2018!

Workshops are a wonderful opportunity for meeting members/attenders to extend their knowledge of key issues, engage with other organizations doing compelling work, and network over topics relevant to our communities and the world. They are also an excellent way to introduce our Quaker faith to your Quaker-leaning friends.  There is much impressive work that is conveniently showcased at Sessions.

Workshops are free and held on Thursday, July 26th, Friday, July 27th, and  Saturday, July 28th from 3:30 to 4:30 in Bliss Hall.