Ecumenical Declaration

General Secretary, PYM

On February 10th 2017, PYM General Secretary attend a conference hosted by the National Council of Churches and Church World Services, representing Quakers across the nation. The conference was made up of different religious denominations across the country of various faith traditions to serve as an ecumenical call to action in response to ani-refugee legislation. Together, the gathered group created a document that will be delivered to the Trump administration. This document was titled “Ecumenical Declaration: Protecting Welcome, Restoring Hope

Along with a statement, the Declaration outlined 10 action steps that it has asked the congregation present at the conference to carry forth in their own communities. Our General Secretary expressed interest is working with anyone who would like to engage in these action steps, with special focus the three numbers listed below:

4) Dedicate one Sunday in the upcoming three months to engage all of our congregations in honoring refugees’ and
immigrants’ journeys, educating our communities about the biblical call to welcome refugees and immigrants, and
inviting our congregation members to take action to publicly support refugee resettlement and the immigrant members
of our communities.

3) Pledge to encourage each of our communions to organize and facilitate meetings with local, state and national policy
makers to educate them about our collective support and action in solidarity with refugees and immigrants, and urge
them to serve as champions by supporting policies that affirm welcome, meeting with their immigrant and refugee
constituents, and appropriating adequate resources to serve refugees.

7) Provide resources, support and encouragement to our congregations in the organizing of public, prayerful
demonstrations of welcome for refugees and immigrants.

If you or your Meeting would like to take on any of these action steps, we would love to help! Reach out to Zachary Dutton at