Discerning Liaisons to Wider PYM Community

Young Friends

The Young Friends Discernment Committee was created by a business meeting in December of 2013 to steward the nominations process for Young Friend leadership positions. Historically, the only positions that have gone through a nominations process in the Young Friends community are the Clerk positions, however, at the same business meeting in December, the Young Friends community charged the new Discernment Committee with accepting and discerning nominations for a new position: the Young Friends Co-PYM Liaisons.

The purpose of the Co-PYM Liaisons are to attend meetings of other bodies within PYM, representing Young Friends’ interests and concerns there as well as bringing the goings-on of the wider Yearly Meeting back to the YF community. As this is a large and time consuming task, Young Friends thought it best to have two people in the position, both to switch off occasional meetings, and to support each other while present together. The community has charged the Liaisons most particularly to attend Interim Meeting and Education Standing Committee meetings with others being added as interest or need arises.

At the Young Friends Spring Gathering during the last weekend of March, the Discernment Committee brought forward two names in a First Reading to the Young Friends community as nominees for the Liaison position. Discernment Committee is accepting feedback about these nominees and (given no course-altering feedback) will seek approval for them at the next Young Friends gathering – Camp Swatara – on May 2nd through 4th. Young Friends – check out the notes from Sunday to see who was nominated! Send any feedback about the nominees to Robert or Hannah and it will be forwarded to the committee.