Decisions Minuted on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Annual Sessions

The following are selected Minutes of Action from Annual Sessions 2015. Comprehensive Minutes will be posted following Annual Sessions.

Friends approved the proposed 2015 – 2016 budget as presented.

Friends approved the following minute: PYM encourages its Clerk, and empowers the General Secretary and councils as they are led to pursue opportunities and communicate publicly on behalf of PYM in support of strategic and effective efforts to abate climate change, as appropriate to their positions of leadership.

Friends approved the appointment of Terry Engeman (Kendall MM), Julian Brelsford (West Philly Preparative Meeting), Rich Schiffer (Swathmore MM), Andrew Thompson (Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia) , and Eric Peterson (Norristown MM) to the Epistle Committee.

Friends approved the use of the name Philadelphia Yearly Meeting on FCNL’s letter to members of Congress in support of the President’s request for $500 million for the global Green Climate Fund.

See the Agenda for the rest of Annual Sessions