Decisions Minuted on Friday, July 31, 2015

Annual Sessions

The following are selected Minutes of Action from Annual Sessions 2015. Comprehensive Minutes will be posted following Annual Sessions.

Nominating Committee

Report given by Nominating Committee Clerk Thomas Swain (Middletown MM)

Complete Nominating Committee Report will be posted online soon.

Releases from FGC, PYM Elders and FCNL as listed were approved.

Appointments to FWCC as presented were approved.

Appointments to FGC as presented were approved.

FCNL appointments as listed were approved.

The Clerk clarified that the appointments for Alternate Clerk and Recording Clerk which will be presented on Nov. 7th, will have a term ending in 2018.

Appointment to Westtown School Board of Trustees as presented approved.

Appointments to Arch Street Meeting House Preservation Trust as presented approved.

Appointment to PYM Elders as presented is approved. The additional Elder to be presented on Nov. 7th will have a term till 2018.

See the Agenda for the rest of Annual Sessions