Yearly Meeting Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Brangan, Olivia Community Engagement Coordinator 215-241-7238
Brick, Kenneth Director of Friends Counseling Service 215-241-7019
Calamia, Lynne Director of Arch Street Meeting House 215-627-2667
Croce, Elizabeth Middle School Friends Program Facilitator (215) 241-7171
David, Joyce Communications Designer 215-241-7230
Duncan-Tessmer, Christie General Secretary 215-241-7210
Dutton, Zachary T Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life 215-241-7008
Gutowski, Nicholas Director of Grant Making 215-241-7218
Hayes, Colleen Middle School Friends Program Assistant (215) 241-7171
Jackson, Gary Arch Street Meeting House Maintenance 215-939-6487
Kane, Wendy  Transitional Meeting Engagement and Data Coordinator 215-241-7232
Keaton, Kimani Children and Families Program Facilitator (215) 241-7171
Luminkith, Aeryn Young Friends Program Assistant (215) 241-7171
McAtee, Malcolm Web Manager 215-241-7215
McCurry, Linell Associate Secretary for Business and Finance 215-241-7205
Richardson, Celeste Accountant 215-241-7206
Rose, Meg Young Adult Engagement Coordinator 215-241-7228
Schaefer, George Care & Aging Coordinator 215-241-7068
Sharples-Cooke, Grace Associate Secretary for Advancement and Relationship 215-241-7115
Walsh, Mary Executive Assistant (General Secretatry) 215-241-7234
Washington, Ashanta Office Administrator  215-241-7211
Wenner Bradley, Melinda Youth Religious Life Coordinator 215-241-7171
Williams, Zakia Director of Human Resources & Inclusion 215-241-7223

Our Offices and Library are located at Friends Center in Philadelphia, PA.