Our Offices and Library are located at Friends Center in Philadelphia, PA.


Name Position Phone Email
Brangan, Olivia Community Engagement Coordinator 215-241-7238
Brick, Kenneth Director of Friends Counseling Service 215-241-7019
Calamia, Lynne Director of Arch Street Meeting House 215-627-2667
Croce, Elizabeth Middle School Friends Program Facilitator (215) 241-7171
David, Joyce Communications Designer 215-241-7230
Duncan-Tessmer, Christie General Secretary 215-241-7210
Dutton, Zachary T Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life 215-241-7008
Gutowski, Nicholas Director of Grant Making 215-241-7218
Hayes, Colleen Middle School Friends Program Assistant (215) 241-7171
Jackson, Gary Arch Street Meeting House Maintenance 215-939-6487
Kane, Wendy  Transitional Meeting Engagement and Data Coordinator 215-241-7232
Keaton, Kimani Children and Families Program Facilitator (215) 241-7171
Luminkith, Aeryn Young Friends Program Assistant (215) 241-7171
McAtee, Malcolm Web Manager 215-241-7215
McCurry, Linell Associate Secretary for Business and Finance 215-241-7205
Richardson, Celeste Accountant 215-241-7206
Rose, Meg Young Adult Engagement Coordinator 215-241-7228
Schaefer, George Care & Aging Coordinator 215-241-7068
Sharples-Cooke, Grace Associate Secretary for Advancement and Relationship 215-241-7115
Walsh, Mary Executive Assistant (General Secretatry) 215-241-7234
Washington, Ashanta Office Administrator  215-241-7211
Wenner Bradley, Melinda Youth Religious Life Coordinator 215-241-7171
Williams, Zakia Director of Human Resources & Inclusion 215-241-7223


Name Position Email
Anderson, Andrew Treasurer
Brooks, Amy Quaker Life Council Clerk
Burkander, Kri Recording Clerk
Haines, Bruce Administrative Council Clerk
Herr, Jim Recording Clerk
Keller, Jane Recording Clerk
Lucca, Christopher A. Alternate Clerk serving as Presiding Clerk
Rycroft, Melissa Nominating Council Clerk


Quarterly Meeting Name Position Email
Abington Quarter Diamond, Amelia Clerk
Abington Quarter Cratin, Rebecca Health and Homecare Administrator
Abington Quarter Shanoski, Karen Youth Conferences Clerk
Bucks Quarter Dow, Rick Clerk
Bucks Quarter Rose, David Oversight Committee Clerk
Burlington Quarter Robbins, William Clerk
Caln Quarter Herr, Jim Clerk
Chester Quarter Broadfield, Joan Clerk
Concord Quarter  McKenney,Chris Clerk
Concord Quarter Piersol, Lynne Coordinator
Haddonfield Quarter Rubin, Margery Clerk
Haddonfield Quarter Lotz, Linda Coordinator
Haverford Quarter Costa, Doug Contact
Philadelphia Quarter Stover, Anthony Clerk
Philadelphia Quarter Lanza, L. Coordinator
Salem Quarter Preston, Dietrich Clerk
Salem Quarter Somers, Paul Steering Committee Clerk
Southern Quarter Position rotates quarterly Clerk
Upper Susquehanna Quarter Solenberger, Ed Clerk
Western Quarter Myers, Mark Clerk
Western Quarter Kastriner, Sarah Coordinator


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