“Unprogrammed Quakerism – what is essential and what is cultural?”

  • June 10, 2015 at 2:30 pm #1442

    Philadelphia Quarter recently held a Program meeting hosted by CPMM titled “Unprogrammed Quakerism – what is essential and what is cultural?” a continuation of our work at our February program meeting on “Inclusion”. members of our Program Committee included the host meeting and members of the Learning Communities committee of the PYM “Undoing Racism” group.

    Other queries we asked were:

    “What is essential to Quakerism for you?” (Things that you feel Quakers can’t be without)

    “What do we practice that is cultural, but is not essential to Quakerism?”

    From there, we asked these queries:

    “What is there that is cultural that is affecting our core values?”
    “How do we shift that?”
    “What needs to be challenged to lift up our core values?”

    In light of what we learned we left asking:

    “How do I behave differently at PYM sessions this year, within meeting and in our daily lives?”
    “Are there obvious actions we need to take?”

    As far as everyday life there was a sense that perhaps we need to reflect our ‘everyday-ness’ a little more. we are a peculiar people, a needed people, but sometimes our peculiarities of culture overwhelm our core faithfulness.

    We are still compiling all the notes from the session and they will be posted on our PQM website when they are done… this may take some time as the fruits from the Program were many!

    How would you answer some of these queries?

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