Some tips for new participants

  • May 7, 2015 at 11:53 am #1527
    Martin Reber

    Welcome to the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Online Conversations!  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience with your Online Conversations.

    Be polite
    Everyone should feel comfortable and respected reading submissions and participating in conversations.  We ask that you carry out all aspects of your participation with mindfulness of Quaker values in a caring, respectful, civil and lawful manner.

    Post constructive questions and replies
    All participants should experience these Online Conversations as places where questions may be asked, answers given and experience shared in a safe environment that always uplifts and strengthens our understanding of the divine spirit, the world and each other.

    Tips for helpful topics & replies

    • Short topic titles work best. When you create a Topic, choose a short title that expresses your question in as few words as possible. It does not have to be a full sentence but it does need to be clear
    • Be brief.  We encourage you to include sufficient information in your topic or reply and ask you to remember that brief posts get read and answered but long posts often do not.
    • Stay on topic. Participants normally scan posts first to see if there is any reason to continue reading. If your post is not clear or goes off-topic, it significantly decreases the likelihood that anyone will respond.
    • Be helpful and answer the question.  Participants who have posted a topic are seeking information and assistance from you and others.  Be clear and direct when you reply.  Stay on topic and do not post rambling commentaries or pontificate.
    • Do not hijack a topic.  When you are viewing or responding to an existing topic and you think of a new question not directly related to the topic at hand, please create a new topic.  That is the best way to get relevant responses to your questions.  Off-topic questions buried in other posts are unlikely to get responses from other people or even be seen by other participants.
    • Do not post any of the following: advertisements, items for sale, polls, petitions, requests for donations or links to other sites that include these things.

    Terms of Use
    Your use of any aspect or feature of our Online Community Conversations is subject to the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Online Community Conversations User Agreement regardless of whether or not you are registered user.  We encourage you to read the complete User Agreement before using this service.

    Abide by the spirit
    Friends value certain long-standing principles known as Quaker Testimonies, which include simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship. Friends try to embody and live up to these testimonies in all aspects of our lives.  We expect all participants in these Online Conversations to act accordingly and we ask that you abide not just by the letter of any tip or term, but also by the spirit and intent that our Online Conversations be a safe, friendly and helpful place for all participants.

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