Looking for accessible explanation of Business Meeting

  • April 8, 2015 at 12:00 pm #1532
    Hannah Mayer

    I’ve been wishing (and searched previously) for an explanation of Business Meeting / Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business / MfWAtB and how it works best that is accessible to non/new Quakers as well as young people. It would be great if it was online somewhere! The purpose: PYM Young Friends would benefit from having a “spiel” that has been tested by other communities, explaining what MfWAtB is about and how it works for the Clerks to read before getting started, as there are usually several people at any given MfWAtB who have never done this before. Usually Clerks make it up from scratch each time, and over the year a new Clerk will get into a rhythm of what s/he says beforehand. Do other Clerks have “spiels” or quotes that they’ve used for this purpose that would be readily accessible to Young Friends?

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