Bringing It All Back Home

  • June 22, 2018 at 3:30 pm #7729

    When in Montgomery, Alabama May 18, I saw a rust-red, commercially ‘weathered’ & coffin-shaped hunk of steel. It was lying on the ground as if awaiting burial. It is welder-inscribed with the name & date of a lynching, that of Frank Meadows in Chester County, PA, 7 -27 – 1917: . Another coffin-shaped monument to Frank Meadows hangs in the Memorial, where it will stay.

    The Equal Justice Initiative offers the duplicate ‘coffin’ to be honored in Mr. Meadows’ home county. Can The Society of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting help bring this monument to Frank Meadows home?

    There are perhaps Chester County Friends already working on this. I am Rick Howe if you’d care to discuss further.

    Rick Howe

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