City Love led us in song and conversation at the first Seeking Faithfulness Series!

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The 2017 Seeking Faithfulness Series, hosted by Young Adult Friends, was with City Love and entitled “Listening to Spirit: Answers Waiting for Action.” City Love – Sterling Duns of Merion Meeting and Caselli Jordan – are a West Philly-based acoustic duo with harmonies, hip hop, cajon, guitar, and mandolin. They led us in worship, song, conversation, and creation on Saturday, March 25, 2017, the evening of Spring Continuing Sessions!

During the event, we were invited into intergenerational groups, to share what was on our hearts with one another and respond to the songs. We were then led in being MCs and creating our own verses (Sterling taught us the basics using Dr. Seuss – watch the video!)

Here’s the song we created together.

Chorus after each verse:

PYM let’s come together
The world needs Quakers to make it better


Quakers tell it, sell it,
SPICE it, yell it,
Margaret Fell it,
And that ain’t no Lie!!

What can Quakers do today?
Respond, Retell, Reimagine, hey!
Trust and respect, fun and play.
That’s what Quakers do today.

When there is peace our minds may feast.
Thinking about the Quakers, the friendship makers.
Might we think about our Light.
We may carry on our fight.
Quaker justice wasn’t just long ago.
Our work is now needed, come on let’s go!

Mind the Light can Light the mind.
One and all can friendship find.
This little Light of mine
Can help the rest of the world shine.

Saving face, we lose our grace.
Let’s embrace facing Race.

Time to talk to that of God in Everyone.
Quakers rise to bring the peace.
Love responds.
Love transforms.
Love reimagines
A world reborn.
Shine your Light!
Shine your Light!

Quakers today can show the way
Clean water, clean food, we’ve got a lot to say.
Clean energy, love and peace to all.
We’ve come a long way by heeding the call.

Quakes be faithful.
Quakes be slow.
Not always perfect but still on the go.
Led by Spirit, woohoo!
We can do it and so can you.

Hold you in the Light just like the sun.
We see God in everyone.
We spread peace just like some butter.
We see God in each other.

We can protest, we can win.
Friends can be the spirit within.

Feel the fight rising inside
Take some time, a new path arrives

If we get our comfort from familiar voices,
We will lose our chance for different choices.

Integrity in who we are
That guiding light will take us far.
Live it, breathe it, tell it, use it.
Integrity is who we are.

Love in public is justice.
We have to learn to trust this.

Quakers can build a sustainable future.
Sewing the parts with a perfect suture.
Instead of fearing the circling vulture,
Love, forgiveness and integrating culture.

2017 We are Quakers
Like our teachers be movers and shakers.
Remember when she saw God in you
You gotta go deep, remember it’s true.

Together we talk with integrity
Seeking a truth we can feel and see.

– Participants at the 2017 Seeking Faithfulness Series

(Thanks for Lynne Piersol for typing everyone’s lyrics up!)