Children’s Religious Life Program at Fall Continuing Sessions!

Children, Continuing Sessions

The children of PYM had a busy day at Continuing Sessions. While parents and family were enjoying the program for adults, we went down to Westtown’s lake and canoed. It was a beautiful fall morning: geese flew overhead, the trees were warm, crisp fall colors, and friends paddled around, splashing a bit and laughing a lot! At lunch, we met up with parents and siblings and ate together as a whole community. After lunch,  we split into small groups so we could really get to know each other. Groups rotated between craft making and story telling. For craft making, we made luminaries to represent our inner light. For story telling, we heard about Marian Anderson and then made skits on the topic of inclusion and kindness. The day wrapped up on the playground, it was sunny and warm. We had become a much closer group of friends by the end of the day! We left,  looking forward to the next time we get to come together!

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