We call the volunteers that work with youth Friendly Adults Presences, and these lovely people are the backbone of our Children’s Religious Life Program.

In order to maintain an appropriate ratio of adults to children, we are always seeking volunteers who are interested in supporting the kids’ spiritual development, their work and their play.  As a Friendly Adult Presence you are 100% guaranteed to laugh often, attempt to answer the very most important questions regularly, and find yourself open to play and joy in their unfiltered forms.

Friendly Adult Presences for the Children’s program are:

  • Friends who love kids.
  • Parents supporting their children.
  • High School or College students looking to expand their experience and resume.
  • Adults who feel they have something to gain by being in the presence of Children’s joyful spirit.

Safety is a top concern for Philadelphia Yearly meeting.  In order to volunteer as a Friendly Adult Presence, you will be asked to complete some simple forms and consent to a background check.

We encourage anyone with interest or further questions to contact the program coordinator and discover the upcoming opportunities.