Family Overnight

Family overnight is a one-night sleepover for the families with kids K-5th grade, an intentional village for the purpose of being a family of Friends.

There is multigenerational activities for the whole family, a dinner together, free time to play, bedtime stories, Giant First Day School, worship, a chance for adults to spend time with other parents, and home in time to have the time on Sunday you need to prepare for the rest of the week! We endeavor to keep costs low to minimize the financial burden on our families. Family Overnight is an amazing chance to spend time with our Friends community in joy and sharing.

Sample Schedule


  • Arrive, settle in, explore.
  • Multigenerational activities- games and play!
  • Dinner Prep.
  • Dinner!
  • Evening activity.
  • Winding down activity.
  • Parent time.


  • Breakfast and Free Play.
  • Giant First Day School.
  • Family Meeting for Worship.
  • Load up and head out.

Winter and Spring

Meals Together – The Winter Family Overnight is dedicated to getting cozy: hot chocolate, stories by the fire, and with a little luck, a high-velocity snowball exchange.  In the Spring, we’ll revel in the outdoors with field games and a campfire.

Nothing unites a group like a dinner!  All of the supplies will be provided, and we’ll make dinner together- everyone will have a role to play.  Food tastes better when the whole family participates.

Giant First Day School

Play Time – On Sunday morning the whole group will be worshiping together. Sometimes that looks like being welcomed by a loving teacher and engaging in an interactive religious education class. Sometimes that looks like taking a mindfulness walk or experimenting with other kinds of silent worship. This time together is often one of the biggest takeaways for families.

There will be a time in the afternoon and evening for games and activities in which people of all ages can participate.  Laughter, silliness, and games are never in short supply.  Free time is also built into the schedule, so the kids can play together and the adults can connect as well.