About the Children’s Program

The Children and Families Program is made up of multiple, overlapping communities: Children, Parents, and Families. The ultimate goal of the program is to connect with each other, in those communities, across monthly meetings and grow in the spirit together.

There are programs that are particularly geared for children at Continuing Sessions and Annual Sessions. At these events, Children come together to learn about Quakers in the world and to get to know one another through worship and play.

Our programs that focus on Quakerism in the family are Family Overnights. At family overnights we balance spirit-based activity with free play, exploring the beautiful camps where we stay and connecting over shared meals. A similar community exists in the Family Neighborhood at Annual Sessions.

Additionally, every September there is a Parent Potluck for parents of children in any of the three programs for youth in the Yearly Meeting (Children, Middle School Friends, Young Friends) which children are also welcome to attend. This potluck is an introduction to the Youth and Young Adult Programs, the Children and Families Program and to each other. We are exploring offering more programming and support for parents and Pre-K children across the yearly meeting. If you are interested in hosting a gathering for parents or doing an intentional worship group or playgroup among local Quaker parents email mwennerbradley@pym.org.