Children and Families Program

The Children and Families Program provides opportunities for children in grades K-5 to gather for worship, fun, fellowship, learning, and service; we endeavor to form lifelong bonds to community, to God, and to the Society of Friends.

Coming Up Next: Spring Continuing Sessions

We will gather in Caln Quarter, at The Jewish Community Center, for community, storytelling and play! Hope to see you there March 24, 2018 !

Welcome to the Children's Program

Participating in the Children and Families Program gives children and parents language, tools and activities to use at home. This program offers resources for families, and networks of families to grow in the light together. Check out our event list to see all our program events for this year!

Our volunteers, lovingly called Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs), are essential to the more elaborate programs, such as Annual Sessions and Continuing Sessions. Volunteers can take the role of teacher, supporters and assistants, workshop instructors, craft leaders, worship leaders, song leaders- you name it! We are always searching for Adults and Young Friends (High School) to share their light with our youngest Quakers. Learn More. You may also be interested in our Youth Programs Internship.