Check out some great photos from Family Overnight


Spring Family Overnight was our biggest one so far!

With over 50 people attending, our initial sadness at moving from our traditional location gave way to the joy of playing together and being in community.  Boating, games, dessert, campfires, s’mores, stories, worship, and time with friends were all on the agenda.

Multigenerational game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Fan Club

Multigenerational game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Fan Club

Evening activity was the Instant Talent Show Game- a talent show where everyone participates and no one prepares.  The campfire story was Winnie the Pooh, the chapter where they try (unsuccessfully) to unbounce Tigger.  There was a great series of paper airplane distance competitions, as well as some truly impressive playdoh creativity at the arts table.  And no one fell in the lake!


See more photos from Family Overnight, and I hope to see you at Children’s Sessions and next year!