Meeting our Muslim Neighbors.

Addressing Racism

The Lewes Worship Group in Southern Quarter recently hosted an evening to meet our Muslim Neighbors from the Islamic Center of Central Delaware. More than 80 people attended the event in the auditorium at Cadbury Lifestyles. Visitors included people from other Christian congregations and from the local Jewish synagogue. Three …

Walking the Walk: Taking Stock Ahead of Upcoming Thread

Addressing Racism, Peace & Social Concerns, Quaker Life Council, Worship and Ministry

Quakers understand that there is a strong connection between working toward social justice and walking through life in mindful spirituality. Insights emerge from a life that expresses and searches for that of God in everyone. These insights often present  opportunities to recognize the need for collective liberation. With further examination, …

Worship & Vigil for Black Lives at Friends Center

Addressing Racism

In the wake of the killings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott this week, and the long line of killings, suffering, injustice and sorrow that came before, more than 30 Friends were called to take visible action in the courtyard of Friends Center on September 21, to bear witness that the police killing must …

Learning and Doing Anti-Racism at Annual Sessions

Addressing Racism, Annual Sessions, Peace & Social Concerns, Quaker Life Council, Religious Education, Worship and Ministry

Towards Transformation We strive as Quakers to live our daily lives grounded in the center of our beings. In this striving, we gather as a community away from everyday challenges to strengthen our spiritual practice. As we strengthen our practice, ever deeper insights emerge, and we ready ourselves to embrace …

URG Networking!

Addressing Racism

Fall, 2015 PYM Undoing Racism Group News (To connect with the network, go to a short survey at:  Several dozen Friends involved in making our meetings welcoming beloved communities have met regularly since 2014 sessions. At sessions 2015 in open worship and planned programs the impacts of racist behavior …

Responses to 2015 Sessions’ Work on Addressing Racism

Addressing Racism

At our 2015 Annual Sessions there was a significant focus on addressing racism. Two Friends, both of whom were active at Sessions and who have been doing the work of Undoing Racism, shared their reflections of their experiences at Sessions. Their stories and an opportunity to share your own reflections for sharing are presented in this article.

Developing a Network of Friends

Addressing Racism

The PYM Undoing Racism Network is a non-centralized, mutually-supporting network of Friends working on racism and racial justice in the yearly and monthly meetings that came out of our experience at Annual Sessions in 2014. We are eager to find each other, to share resources, and to give and receive …

Workshops Addressing Racism at Annual Sessions

Addressing Racism

The workshops at our 2015 Annual Sessions feature a large array of opportunities for Friends to learn, explore, tell stories, discover and share knowledge and wisdom on topics related to addressing racism in ourselves, our community and the world. Fully one third of the offered workshops are on this topic. ...

Resources Lists for Friends and Meetings

Addressing Racism

During our called meeting on January 10, 2015 our yearly meeting affirmed a Minute of Action regarding how our faith community intends to address the many facets of “-isms” that confront us and our wider community. In the time since our called meeting an “extended clerks’ team” consisting of the …

A Report from the Called Meeting on Racism

Addressing Racism

If our principles are right, why should we be cowards? – Lucretia Mott We who believe in freedom cannot rest. – Bernice Johnson Reagon Report from the Called Meeting held January 10, 2015 On Saturday, January 10, 2015, more than 400 members and attenders from meetings across Philadelphia Yearly Meeting ...