Bringing It All Back Home Again

Addressing Racism

Something significant & sobering is happening in Montgomery, Alabama (MGM).  PYM can participate in the reckoning MGM is going through.  Montgomery was a hub for warehousing & auctioning of enslaved persons.  It is now recognizing that history with the Legacy Museum: Enslavement to Mass Incarceration, & a ten minute walk away, The National Memorial for Justice & Peace, a collection of 1600 weathered steel monuments, two for each US County where a black person was lynched between 1877 & 1950.  The hanging monuments, pictured, will always remain, but duplicates spread out like coffins waiting to be buried are gifts to the 800 US counties where a lynching took place.

There are two monuments for each county because counties are invited to take their monument home.  Frank Meadows was lynched in Chester County, PA on July 27, 1917.  Do we, PYM & Chester County Friends, want to bring his monument home?   It could be a sad, sobering, but grand project!

Rick Howe