Bridge Contacts

Bridge Contacts serve as a conduit or channel between PYM and a local meeting (or quarter, school or community group) helping to coordinate the flow of information between these communities. This is achieved through an engaged relationship with the activities of the Yearly Meeting. Disseminating information about PYM to the monthly meeting, helping to publicize yearly meeting events, facilitating the collection of meeting information and attending PYM Continuing and Annual Sessions are the activities envisioned for this role.

Bridge Contacts are

  • A way to broaden engagement and deepen cross-meeting connections. They help Friends connect with the movement of Spirit across the yearly meeting.
  • People who are active and engaged. They should enjoy social interactions and be committed to Quaker networking.
  • Energized by building relationships and connecting with people. They will build excitement about yearly meeting and Quaker community activities, work, and witness.

This includes

  • Print and e-communications from PYM.
  • Posting your community’s events on the PYM calendar so the wider Quaker community is aware of your activities.
  • Checking on other meetings’ News and Calendar Events at and sharing that with your community and your Clerk.
  • Attending Annual and Continuing Sessions as frequently as possible and inviting Friends from your own meeting to participate.

Meetings, Quarters or Committees can choose their Bridge Contact in the manner that works best for them. Once a Bridge Contact is chosen, they submit the contact’s name, phone, and email information.

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