Appreciating FCNL

Legislative Policy Collaborative, Quaker Life Council

The Quaker Life Council on behalf of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting approved on 11.17.18 the following minute of appreciation for Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Minute of Appreciation to Recognize the 75thAnniversary of

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting would like to express its heartfelt appreciation for the 75 years of prayerful attention the Friends Committee on National Legislation has given to furthering Friends testimonies in national policy concerns.  Since the beginning, staff and supporters around the country have lobbied Congress to advance the causes of peace and justice.

The organization was formed to advocate for legislation to provide constructive alternatives to military conscription and aid for the victims of war.  Over the years, FCNL has been instrumental in the movements to prevent genocide and atrocities against individuals, to stand against the threat and use of nuclear weapons and other forms of militarization, to offer a moral basis for federal budget decisions, and to build consensus on climate change.

We support the organization’s future plans to widen the participation of young adults in its work and to offer space and time for people with differing viewpoints to discuss a way forward. As we all work to build “the world we seek,” we will continue to look to our friends at FCNL to provide leadership, initiative and love for our neighbors, without exception.

Gwynedd Friends Meeting [Quaker] approved the above Minute on July 15, 2018.

Neil Trueblood, Clerk of the Meeting

Judy Inskeep, Clerk of Peace and Social Action Committee

Abington Quarterly Meeting approved this Minute on October 7th